Mother of Triumph and Victory


„My image – which will crush the enemy's cunning!"

It will cause a healing effect, for those who believe!

For all who follow my message."

Wherever my image is – I will be there!

My image destroys the enemy's power!"

Whoever touches this image, will be blessed.

Tell it to all my children!"

... Carry me into the houses of this world.

Carry me into the kindergartens and the old age homes

and into the whole social structure.

Bring my image into your houses - wherever you are; to the sick and the dying.

Carry the image of victory to the imprisoned children.

This is the time of Grace! Understand what this means!

I want to bring peace to all. My heart beats for the whole world.

Tell it to the shepherds. I am always present, when I am carried.

My voice is the throne of God."

Distribute my image all over the world!

My Immaculate Heart will show you the way."




After a neardeath experience Frank Möller (born *1969) completely changed his life and

began his service in new evangelisim. He receives divine messages, over the last years, that

together with his experiences, reveal a healing path for all mankind. His work lies in a deep,

and close unity with the teachings of the church.

Pope Benedict the XVI knows of it and has promised his prayer.



The origin and interpretation of the picture of our Mother of Triumph and Victory.

from Frank Möller


On the anniversary of my re-birth the 26.01.1996, that is also the rememberance day of the

helpers of St. Paul (Titus and Timothey), God showed me a wonderful and meaningful vision

of Mary. It was during a healing mass in Italy where I attended with a Bishop.

(see testimony,“Aus der Finsternis ins Licht”).

At first I saw myself surrounded from evil spirits. But suddenly they dissappeared and I saw

how an angel came down to us on the floor. He was holding on to something tightly. I didn`t

know what it was, and he bowed down reverently. Behind him I saw more angels, that also

did the same. Then I slowly looked to the right of the angel in the direction that he was

looking at, and I could see an enormous mantel, it was so huge that it looked as if one was

looking out to the open sea. It was being spread out by the angels. Suddenly I saw the feet of

the Madonna and the bottom part of her dress, that had the same colour of her mantel and the

angels in “Sky blue.”

She floated there in stillness, and what fascinated me the most was that she was bare foot. I

new that this must have had an important meaning I could now feel her immense grandeur

and a great sense of reverance struck me, that I could not bring myself to look up at her. But

slowly my sight was lifted up.

The heavenly queen had her arms slightly open and she looked into the distance, to the world.

Her face was beautiful, strict but full of love, with a healthy brown colour. Her eyes were

light brown and clear.

I had never seen such beautiful eyes until then and never again after that. Should she have

looked directly at me I believe, I would of died of longingness. My sight then went up and it

was as if I was looking into space. There I saw a gigantic crown of light over her. I then came

closer to this crown and I could see millions of small lights that I recognised to be sparkling


I saw that they were all inhabitants of heaven, jubilating the crowned queen, to the glory of God.

As we pleaded her to take us under her mantel, the vision dissappeared, but I felt how her

mantel brushed me and heard the noise that this movement made.

At last, I saw how she floated back to look at the world, as she did before. Nothing was said to

me about what I saw and I knew I was not to speak about it. But I had a feeling that at some

later time I would be informed about the deeper meaning.


In February 1997 I then painted a picture of the mother of God, as I saw her and wrote a

prayer of liberation. It then happend that I let this prayer with the picture be printed. On the

way to the printer. Mary informed me that the enemy would persecute me for it and gave me

the freedom to decide as to what I would do. She was very compassionate. I decided to print it.

Shortly after that, lightening struck my house from the top to the bottom, as if a hugh lump of

rock had struck through the roof. The result of this can still be seen: the floors on the second

storey cracked. Satan also tried to convince me that the vision of the 26.01.1996 was his

work, in order to deceive me. But he did not become my belief.

A few years later I held different pictures of the mother of God in front of a possessed person.

The devil was raged the most at the sight of this picture. I had not yet passed the picture on

further, although I kept thinking about it every now and then.

In the year 2003 I was advised, and it was my own wish to have this picture painted by an

artist, to honour the mother of God. I became different clues, that it was very important.

I had a real desire in my heart, that it would help many and hoped that the mother of God

would appear to the people of our time, and that somehow through this they would be led a

new to God. I experienced the whole time an inner battle, considering if it was a human idee

that I wanted to realise, or if it was one that came from God. One thing was clear and that

was: that what I had seen was and is reality, namely that the mother of God comes mightly to

our aid. She is in this world, she is present with all the angels, with a gigantic mantel. Over

her and with her are all the blessed souls of heaven.

I considered her to be the Queen of heaven and surely soon, even of the whole earth. But then

one day I heard coming from the picture I had painted “Mother of Triumph”. About one

year later she said: “I am the Mother of Triumpf and of Victory”. The triumpf refers to the

immaculate conception, the Victory means that we have a share in it and win all battles until

the final one. One day she said about this picture “My picture – which will crush the

cunningness of the enemy.” In my life Mary gave example, that she truely does this. This is

not for mass production, rather something personal between her and every individual. Yes,

she destroys the cunningness of the enemy, that means the unconscious play, the filth, the

wrong doing and the lies (think about the serpent with Adam and Eve). Mary has the power to

crush Satans head and she does, when the people allow it. Too many people are manipulated

and instrumentalised from others. They are stirred up against life, healing and their own

happiness, because they were missinformed.

Mary said on 10.08.2005 for and about this picture.

“A healing effect is poured out – for all those who believe for all those, those who follow

my message.”

Even if this picture has such an effect, we should pay attention to her words. We have created

our own image of God for long enough and instructed ourselves about our own faith. It was

always Maria, that got the Christians out of their troubles. On the evening of the 17.01.2006

she said: “Where ever my picture lands – there I am ! My image destroys the power of

the enemy!” No one is left alone to face their fate.

On the 13.05.2006 she said: “Each one, that touches this picture, will be blessed. Tell this

to all my children.”



The interpretation of the seven distinguishig features

The Madonna, the Angel, the Bare Feet, the Mantel, the Glory, the colour Blue, the Universe



The Madonna

She is a great sign of the love of God. “Then a large sign appeared in Heaven: a woman ...”

(Rev 12,1) She testified and lived this love, the love for us. Through her God`s love comes

and is renewed in the world. We experience through her, that not only God exsists, as many

“Believers” no longer believe, rather that he truely loves every single one of us. Mary still

continues to offer each of us salvation: Jesus (in him is the truth founded and proclaimed).

Mary is the interceeder and the mediator. This is clear at the wedding of Canna. She was the

one who saw the lack of wine and took initiative to overcome the embarressment, she turned

to Jesus: “They have no more wine” (In 2,3). Then she turned to the servants: “Do whatever

he tells you!” (In 2,5) Here she gives us the help how to follow Jesus willingly.

In this manner can everyone of us and our neighbours experience the grace and glory in

the Kingdom of God. This means we don`t only have to listen to her, rather we have to live

our lives with her as believing children of God. She is our mother! As Jesus completed his

work of redemption and reached his peak on the cross he says to us: “This is your mother”

(Jn. 19,27). While we have difficulty not understanding and being able to accept so little of

her help, this is the reason why Mary tells us: “I am your mother” (message from

7.11.1998). She reveals to us today, that she sees us that she is faithful to the mission her son

gave her: “Woman, this is your son!” (Jn 19,26). She is the new Eve, mother of life and of

grace. In a continuous spiritual process she carries out her work in the plan of God for us. Her

ever continuous “Yes” and her fedelity is our way to Jesus. What God spoke through his

messanger Gabriel to Mary, is his testimony to us: “Rejoice, so highly favoured! The Lord is

with you.” (LK 1,28). When we are truely concerned about our relationship with God, then

we know, how much we need his grace. To achieve this and to go about it in the right way, he

gave us her hand: “Receive his grace through me” (message from 04.11.2004).

Her sight in the Penticost hall even lets us acknowledge her power, as the bride of the Holy

Spirit and the Mother of the church. In this manner she invites us, to join her in an everlasting

prayer, in the anticipation of the promises of the Lord. Through Mary`s relationship to God

and her fedelity, is she the prime model for all the faithful. Since the beginning of the church

that leads God`s people she frees and protects us again and again from misleading and

dangerous ways. “There can be no misapprehension, when one stands in my light of the truth. A truth that came to you from my heart. The truth that will free you all, when you accept it: The truth that will grant you victory over the human nature. A nature that is abused by the enemy. My son Jesus is this truth...” (message from 02.01.2005). She has always provided for keeping the faith alive so that we can experience God. Through her will, God`s plan of salvation, the work of redeemption will be led to completion.


Through her will Satan be conquered. “Then a second sign appeared in the sky, a huge red

dragon...” (Rev 12,3). In the beginning of God`s revelation (Genesis) and at the End

(Revelation of John) we learn of the victory of Mary over Satan. She personally tells us and

proves it to us in many ways: “I am the serpent crusher.” (message from 14.02.2004). That

life is a battle is understood by the smallest child! What the origins of evil are, is what we

have to fight against, how to conquer it, and what it eventually is all about, is clear to us in the

schooling of Mary, that is the schooling of the Gospel. It`s all about our place in eternity, in

paradise. Each person must recognise life as it is from God, only so can the person acquire

inner peace.

The more we recognise and honour Mary, the more we recognise and honour God!


The Angel

Angels are not, good people, rather angels as described in the bibel, are similar to us, but are

already totally united with God. Therefore they possess an enormous godly power, with which

they stand to our side. They always act in accordance to God`s will. They help us only then

when it has to do with God and not to the pure fulfilment of human plans. Let us just accept

their help, let us trust them in the spiritual battles.


The bare Feet

The bare feet are a symbol for us that we can only reach the father through our nakedness.

That we will leave this earth with nothing and only with the necessary earthly sacrifices. The

people from the wealthy countries are poor and sick. This is evident from the consume of

medications, drugs, alcohol and so on. Many teenagers are already a wreck, toxicated and

burnt out (although they are often the victims). But for the mass there is only one motto:

Pleasure at all cost! Man holds on to the earthly, material, timely things so that one can hardly

free himself, to be able to look above and beyond. They can not allow themselves to have

other thoughts. When one would only try from time to time to let go. God would love to spare

his people from the awkard difficulties they get themselves into as it was in my case, but what

else can he do? “It is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle, as ist is for a rich

man to enter the Kingdom of God” (Mk 10,25).


The Mantel

The mantel of our Lady is offered to us, as protection from all dangers. Under it, our Mother

wants to rescue all her children. It is big enough. Underneath it is place for everyone. Let`s

ask her in faith to spread it out. Through the prayer of consecration (see the end of the book).

We experience in a special way the spreading out of her mantel. Mary strengthens our trust of

her protection even in times of bomb attacks. (see message from 16.07.2004).


The Glory

The glory of heaven, the crown of the first victorious ones (see message from 13.02.2004), are

our brothers and sisters that have gone before, and the angels. (This is what Jesus said to me).

They are all truely participating on this great occaision, when our mother comes to us here on

earth (see message from 09.12.2003). They all show us, who and what importance Mary has

for them. Here the whole of heaven has comes into movement. They give testimony, and

always do, when we call on our mother. We also, encounter the glory, when we walk with her

(see message from 24.06.2004).


The blue Colour

The colour blue is the symbol für heaven, and all that, that comes from above. (It also

represents the so called colour of faith).


The Universe

The universe clearly shows the endless, the eternal being of each one of us, as well as the

spiritual darkness, that covers the world. Mary says on 09.07.2004: “Darkness has spread

out over your country.” The light can only come from God, and it should shine in every one

of us. When we listen to our heavenly mother, the Holy spirit entflames the light in us always

more, and leads us into a life in community with God and the saints.

It is impossible in such a picture to convey all this truth. The evolving of this picture shows all

the important charateristics and is recognised from the mother of God as it is.




 (For the exact development of this picture you can read it in the book “Bleibt nicht stehen auf

eurem Weg ins Licht”)

For more information see under

For special graces received with the use of this picture or messages, please inform us:

Parvis-Verlag, CH-1648 Hauteville, E-Mail:  oder an

Jesus says about his mother: „…Wonder of all wonders, that is my mother. A juwel for the

history of mankind, that is my mother. My mother is the sign that is given to you.”




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